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Jan 16 2018

College Night introduces freshmen to college and SAT/ACT prep

On Jan. 9, Freshmen College Night was hosted by counselors Mindy James, Katy Sokolove, Alex Breiner, Christy Hanlon, Jim Rixse and career center specialist Gardner Humphreys. They gave an introduction on the basics of college, what colleges look for and test preparation. The program started with what students should be achieving in order to help …

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Jan 15 2018

McElveen continues to gain popularity despite lack of authority on school closing

When snow was in the forecast, students across Fairfax County Public Schools waited for the tweet from School Board Member at-large Ryan McElveen, and they got it. “UPDATE: #FCPS will now be closed today, Thursday, January 4,” McElveen tweeted, following the original tweet that school was delayed. McElveen broke the news at 4:53 a.m., before …

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Latest from Features

Nov 29 2017

In One Week: Lost in Translation

In One Week is a feature where one or more staff members take on a new habit for a week. In this IOW, Lauren spoke French and Gwyneth spoke Spanish for a full school week. rules We need to talk in our respective language from the time the first bell of the school day rings …

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Nov 29 2017

Ferramondo experiences internet fame

Senior Matteo Ferramondo gained over 30,000 followers on Pinterest, leading to his account becoming famous on the internet. He earned his online popularity from posting pictures of several topics that interest him on the different image boards he created on his account, and he gets these pictures from various websites online. Matteo started his Pinterest …

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Latest from Opinion

Jan 06 2018

Lack of holiday spirit dulls excitement for winter season

The winter season is full of a diverse range of festivities like Kwanzaa, Christmas and Hanukkah. But, in high school, I believe that the lack of spirit in faculty and students belittles the excitement. Throughout the years, I have accumulated a wardrobe of ugly holiday sweaters to wear throughout the month, but I am alone …

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Nov 29 2017

ESOL program needs improved immersion

When Latin American and other ethnic students transfer schools to the US, high schools implement various programs to accommodate them as they learn the English language. One notable effort is the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program. Constant exposure to the usual English classes can help these students naturally learn the accent and …

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Latest from Sports

Jan 14 2018

Gymnastic team narrowly loses Senior Night meet

The gymnastics team finished second after falling short to James Madison High School with a score of 134.9, losing by only 0.8 points. The meet, which also happened to be Senior Night, took place on Jan. 11 in the main gymnasium. Centreville, Westfield, Wakefield, and Lee all finished with less than 95 points, Marshall finishing …

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Jan 10 2018

Students reflect on the College Football Playoff National Championship Game

The Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the Georgia Bulldogs 26-23 on Monday, Jan. 8, in overtime for the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship, giving the University of Alabama their fifth national championship win under their coach Nick Saban since 2009. Both teams are part of the the Southeastern Conference, or SEC, and their states border …

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Latest from Arts & Style

Dec 19 2017

Theatre department runs Heathers despite controversial material

Play director and theatre teacher Jason Tamborini produced the Heathers school play despite its R rating. The original Heathers is an R rated movie from 1988 about life in high school. The film discusses how relationships work and it tackled adult themes.Tamborini worked with Principal Jeff Litz and used the high school version of Heathers

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Nov 29 2017

Theatre department performs gender-swapped version of Julius Caesar

The theater department began their newest season with a genderswapped version of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar that ran from Nov. 2 to Nov. 5. The play takes place in a boarding school, and introduced gender swapped characters, rather than in ancient Rome, like the original. Theatre director Jason Tamborini said the play experimented with the …

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