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Nov 06 2017

New security policies change old habits

Administration explains reforms to Learn policy  With the start of the new year, the administration has set new security measures to ensure the safety of everyone in the school. Examples of these new security policies are the removal of a buzzer on Door Four and a new sign-out policy in the main office. These measures …

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Nov 06 2017

Difficult to do it all

Students struggle with workload under new rules Recent changes regarding newly enforced Learn policies have begun to spark disagreement among students. In September, administration began new, controversial Learn policies due to past misuse of the period, which is intended for teachers to offer help. Faculty implemented a policy of sweeping students into classrooms if they …

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May 20 2016

Disciplinary action develops support systems

The Student Rights and Responsibilities policy establishes detentions, suspensions and referrals to the Superintendent’s Office as consequences available to the administration. These consequences have been set in place to create a safe environment for students and to function as punishments for those who misbehave. The most basic consequence that can be earned according to the …

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May 03 2016

Staff works toward everyday risk prevention and planning

School security comes in two parts: physical and technological. Security specialist Steven Williams outlines the protocol the administration and faculty take to ensure the safety of the students and staff. “If we have to evacuate from here somebody has to be in control of the schedules of the people being taken to the new place …

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May 03 2016

Increased survellience accompanies renovations

Security recently went through a makeover alongside the school renovations—new buildings and technology lead to newly installed cameras, motion sensors and technology surveillance. FCPS Regulation 8614.6, under the “Notice of Authorization to Monitor,” states that, “Video cameras and other imaging devices will not be installed on an ongoing basis where there is a reasonable expectation …

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May 02 2016

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors debates over potential budget cuts

On April 19, Superintendent Dr. Karen Garza and other officials in Fairfax County met up at the Fairfax County Government Center to observe the Board of Supervisors’ discussion about the 2017 county budget markup and recommendations for the 2018 budget. District representatives on the Board of Supervisors debated over topics such as teacher salaries and …

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Mar 29 2016

Marshall museum provides insight into school history despite obscurity

The Marshall Museum, although in a small corner of the school, depicts the long standing history of both the school and the man this school was named for: George C. Marshall. General Marshall served many years within the United States defense department and devised Operation Overlord, in which the Allied powers invaded Europe during World …

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Jan 11 2016

Young democrat and republican clubs anticipate primary elections

Rank & File reached out to the Young Republican and Young Democrat clubs to have them share their views of the upcoming primary elections and their role in it. Young Republicans With the Iowa Caucus only a few weeks away, the race for president is becoming more heated than ever. The Republican Party did not …

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Nov 24 2015

Science students affected by ban on open flames

Moving from lectures to interactive student-run labs is a highly anticipated part of most science classes—particularly Chemistry, a class in which reading about a chemical reaction on a PowerPoint slide is very different from seeing it happen in front of you. However, after a chemical demonstration went awry and injured several participants at W.T. Woodson …

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Oct 23 2015

Statesmen beyond borders: Terawaka and Zojaji discuss benefits of ESOL program

One of the great aspects of Marshall, which the school often flaunts, is its diversity. With a student body representing 84 countries and speaking 62 different languages, it would be wrong to assume that the Rank & File reaches the entire student body when we publish stories in English. This month, we are kicking off …

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