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Feb 19 2018

Snapchat update incites massive backlash among users

In an effort to simplify its user experience, Snapchat released an update a week ago that significantly changed the layout and functionality of the app. Despite its intent, a majority of those who installed the update have come down hard on the complicated new format. In fact, one upset user, @isaacsvobodny, even took to Twitter …

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Feb 13 2018

Classroom modular takes over upper parking lot

During the county’s winter break, construction on a new semi-permanent 12 classroom modular began in the upper parking lot behind the building. This modular takes up a large portion of the back parking lot, leaving people frustrated with the loss of their parking. “It makes it a lot harder to park,” senior Leah Jeffery said. …

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Feb 13 2018

Debate continues over virtue of dual mascots

Debate over which Marshall symbol better serves as the school spirit representative, the Statesman or the Griffin, has surged in advance of the upcoming graduation of the class of 2018. Before the 1980’s, Marshall did not have a mascot, but the school employed the Statesman nickname at musical and sporting events in order …

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Feb 13 2018

Demonstrators unite for women’s rights

  Amongst millions of other Americans, Marshall activists united in the Washington D.C. Sisters March on Jan. 20. On the one year anniversary of the historic Women’s March, nearly three million people came to protest the lack of gender equality in everyday practice and in the current political climate and the presidential administration. …

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Feb 13 2018

Skiers venture to the Canadian slopes

The Canadian skiing program, “Snow Escape,” was a student-organized trip for three days to Quebec, Canada during winter break. Attendees bonded with each other while experiencing a new kind of freedom through an international adventure. Senior and Snow Escape representative Helena Ristic led 15 other Marshall students to Mont-Tremblant, a city in Quebec, for a …

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Jan 25 2018

Statesmen Theatre presents Big Love for the VHSL One Act Festival

Statesmen Theatre brought to stage the play Big Love on Jan. 20 for the Virginia High School League festival. The festival is a one-act competition where 10 total schools competed. Based on Aeschylus’ play The Suppliants, Big Love is about fifty brides who flee from Greece to Italy in order to avoid marrying their cousins …

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Jan 24 2018

Winter weather disrupts FCPS schedule

With the recent winter weather, Fairfax County Public Schools as a whole has experienced many school closures and delays. This has lead to exams and due dates being moved because of the time away from school. While this can be seen as a nuisance, others in the community see it as a nice surprise. “Just …

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Jan 22 2018

SGA struggles with organizing Stress Less Week

After multiple snow days, Marshall’s 2018 Student Government Association struggled to organize the second annual Stress Less Week, an attempt at decreasing anxiety levels for students. “The snow days definitely had an impact on [planning Stress Less Week],” SGA board member Hiam Baidas said. “It just makes the week seem less significant and less important …

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Jan 18 2018

Library welcomes new staff member

There is a new addition to the staff of the library, but this one can not help you check out a book, answer questions or even talk. The librarians instituted this in an effort to promote a stress-free environment. “Pinguini” is seven feet tall and lives in the front portion of the library. While the …

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Jan 16 2018

College Night introduces freshmen to college and SAT/ACT prep

On Jan. 9, Freshmen College Night was hosted by counselors Mindy James, Katy Sokolove, Alex Breiner, Christy Hanlon, Jim Rixse and career center specialist Gardner Humphreys. They gave an introduction on the basics of college, what colleges look for and test preparation. The program started with what students should be achieving in order to help …

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