Soccer struggles to find chemistry

On April 12, boys? varsity soccer lost 1-3 to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Due to breakdowns in the defense and an uncoordinated midfield, Jefferson, which was previously win-less, pulled out ahead in an otherwise even match-up.

Results of Friday?s game against Centerville High School were not available at press time. The girls varsity recently tied with Fairfax High School, but the game was called due to lightning. Despite their losses, the teams remain optimistic about future games.

“I always feel like the team gets better each year,” junior David Yeaney said “I can?t help it, I?m always optimistic about the team prospects.”

In addition to new team members, girls soccer has a new coach. Ann Oorison Germain replaced Coach Arni Seperhi at the beginning of the season.

“The new coach is great,”junior Clancy Kelly said. “I think this year is a lot more fun and I think that?s partially because we have a better coach and better chemistry this year.”

JV boys? coach Coreen Farley, describes her team this season as “a very talented group of young men who work hard and constantly impress me with their dedication.”
However, despite their hard work and potential, the team?s record is “pretty bad; I think we?ve lost every game so far,” JV team member, junior Charlie Belt said. “But it?s still really fun to be back in soccer.”

The boys? varsity record is 0-6. The girls? record is only slightly higher at 1-6, The junior varsity record for boys is 1-4-3. There is no JV girls team.

The team is excited to face Madison High School, their rival school.

“Madison is going to be our last game before the tournament,” said Yeaney “so, of course, we are really excited about it.”

The teams continue to practice hard in order to achieve their goals.

“We?ve been working pretty hard,” Kelly said, “and the girls have gotten a lot closer; we?re doing a lot better.”