Foreign Flavors in your own backyard: Peacock Caf? concocts forgettable dishes

Located on a side street in Georgetown, the Peacock Caf? is not the place to go for an intimate, quite meal. Upon entering the restaurant, there is a staggeringly noisy blend of club music and loud conversation held by people struggling to hear over the drone of the beat. The inside of the caf? is extremely cramped, as well. Simply going to the counter to get a table is an ordeal, as you must maneuver through hordes of tightly crammed people. On a Saturday morning be prepared for at least an hour wait. You?re in luck, though, if there?s a table available outside. Without the blaring music, conversation is possible at a normal decibel, so aim for these outside seats. Even on a chilly, breezy spring day, outdoor seating is comfortable due to several heating lamps dispersed among the tables.

Peacock Caf? hosts a multitude of items on its brunch menu, including the Peacock Juice Bar, featuring an array of interesting smoothies and fruit juice combinations, along with breakfast choices, sandwiches, pasta and salads.

Upon first sight, the Peacock Omelette, one of Peacock Caf??s signature dishes, had a fluffy, soft look. Tucked tightly inside the blanket-like omelet were freshly cooked mushrooms, warm grilled onions and a tangy mix of melted cheddar and mozzarella cheeses stretched from corner to corner. While the omelette may have been extravagant, it certainly was not worth venturing to Georgetown on a Saturday morning for.

The Peacock Omelette was satisfactory, but the French Toast, one of the more classic dishes on their menu, was forgettable. Unimaginative and bland, each piece was lacking in texture and flavor. Accompanying the toast was a concoction of strawberries, butter, brown sugar and Balsamic vinegar that added little flavor to the already disappointing dish.

Fortunately, the Gene Kelly, one of the Peacock Caf??s signature sandwiches, helped counter the unsatisfactory breakfast items. The Gene Kelly is comprised of grilled Portobello mushrooms, avocado, tomato, roasted red pepper and tomato pesto, served with homemade tortilla chips and coleslaw. Its crisp French baguette provided a crunch while the mushrooms created a wonderful, chewy texture. The tomato added a sweet juiciness while the tomato paste brought a slight heat to the combination of vegetables. The avocado, however, is what brought the sandwich together, providing a cool, rich, creaminess to offset the other flavors and textures. The sandwich, on the whole, was refreshing; the vegetables were prepared to emphasize their natural flavor, rather than being smothered in sauces and spices. The tortilla chips served with the sandwich were thicker and flakier than their store bought counterparts. The only disappointment was the coleslaw, which was overpowered with mayonnaise and lacked a distinct zest.

If you really want to take a toll on your wallet, go for the steak and eggs ? a chewy, rock-hard steak and cold eggs served with fried potatoes, all for a whopping $20. Simply trying to cut through the fatty steak, let alone trying to chew it, was a workout.

Peacock Caf? does not even offer a proper steak knife to help with the cutting. Overall, the steak was dry and lacking in flavor, had a rubber like quality and was not worth the highway robbery price. Peacock Caf??s mediocre selection certainly is not worth a trip from Northern Virginia on a Saturday morning. Steer clear from this banal brunch and settle for a fast food restaurant?s breakfast drive-through where, at least, the food is chewable.