by Spencer Mooney-Jones
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The girls? varsity lacrosse team won a close match against Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology on Thursday to earn its first victory in district competition.

The team also won on the road against Wakefield High School 23-0 on April 29.

Girls? coach Nicholle Depaz said that to be successful in tournament play the team needs to ?maintain possession on transitions.?

The team had won its last four games in a row with a combined score of 75-19 goals for and against.

Thanks to the team?s success, Depaz was recently recognized with the Liberty District?s Coach of the Year award.

The boys? varsity team, however, has struggled for most of the season. The team was previously winless before earning a hard-fought victory against Wakefield on April 29.

Team members feel that their lack of success is largely due to a lack of preparation.?

We don?t train as much as we should in the off-season, and we need to organize recruitment better,? senior captain Josh Yazman said.

However, the season has not been without its bright spots.

?Beating Wakefield was really the high point of the season,? Yazman said.

The team?s season ended after losing in Liberty District competition against Langley High School on May 6, but team members have reason to be optimistic.

?We had more of a turnover than usual this year,? Yazman said, ?[the players] are even more enthusiastic than new players normally are.?