Governor school excites attendees

Several students will participate in the Virginia Governor?s School program this summer. The program consists of a collection of magnet schools and summer programs for select students throughout the state.


In addition to offering students an enrichment opportunity, the program aims to provide talented students with academically and artistically challenging courses beyond the offering of their base schools.

There are six types of Governor?s School programs. Each program centers around a certain subject (Humanities, Visual and Performing Arts, Science and Technology, Agriculture, Medicine and Languages) and are offered at various colleges throughout the state.

Each Governor?s School consists of several courses which immerse the student in the subject it is centered upon. The Governor?s Schools provide a more rigorous version of subjects than the students? home schools can provide. The length of the courses vary at each school, but usually span about three weeks throughout late June and mid-July.

“It?s a great experience that I?m really looking forward to,” junior Courtney Herbolsheimer said.

In reference to the selective nature of the program Herbolsheimer said she was “lucky to be one of the few attending.”

Herbolsheimer believes that the program will give her a chance to channel her interest in science into something productive.

“I?ll be attending an agricultural school, specializing in veterinary science,” she said. “I?ll be conducting experiments and projects in an outside environment, something I can?t really do [here].”

Rather than apply personally, language candidates were nominated by their language teachers to apply. Sophomore Cian Dinan noted the rarity of the opportunity of attending Governor?s School.

“Not many other students in the country, let alone the world, get this opportunity, so I?m extremely grateful for my nomination, and I?m awaiting this summer with great anticipation,” he said.

Dinan was nominated by his IB French teacher Adwoa Ulzen.