Rebecca’s List: Top ten things to do when your teacher thinks you’re taking notes

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1. Sporcle: Oh, Sporcle. Who knew trying to think of the seven most common dirty words on this quiz site could be so simultaneously fun and frustrating?

2. Robot Unicorn Attack: Self-explanatory in the most confusing way possible. You are a robot unicorn. Attacking stuff.

3. Tetris: I heard somewhere that the Russians invented Tetris during the Cold War to cut down on American productivity. It worked.

4. Run: Multi-dimensional space jumping. Even easier than it sounds.

5. Omegle: Talking to strangers online is fun when you don?t see stuff that makes you want to claw your eyes out.

6. Just talking to the person next to you: A novel concept, I know. But this age-old activity can make any class go by faster.

7. Hangman/Tic-tac-toe: Hopefully no one needs to have this one explained to them.

8. Papi Jump: A little blue blob bouncing onto higher and higher ledges until you inevitably fail and it falls to its doom. With a smile on its face that whole time.

9. Texting: Yes, teachers frown on this, but heck, none of these activities are productive. Just don?t text during the SOL and everything?s fine.

10. Old-school note passing: Does anyone even do this anymore? It?s fun, I promise.