Maloney: New staff, new site

Starting off another year, I am thrilled to announce that I will be your editor-inchief of the Rank & File. I am looking forward to the next eight issues to work with my managing editor, junior Palak Bhandari, our adviser, Daniel Reinish, as well as the rest of the outstanding newspaper staff to produce some truly noteworthy papers for you and the rest of school.

Our paper, approaching its 50th birthday, has been in circulation since the school?s opening in 1962. The Rank & File is entirely financially independent and student produced.

Just like previous years? staffs, we face the extra dimension of working with a limited number of writers. Where past editors may have considered this a roadblock, I hope to take this as an opportunity to expand the writing and production process of our paper outside of our dozen or so staffers and make this a truly school wide paper. Writing a letter to the editor or sending us a guest contribution is a great way to get involved with us. This paper is your public forum, so, please, take advantage of Rank & File as a paper by and for the school. Answering our emails, phone calls and letting us use you as a source is an another way to support the paper.

I am also excited to announce the newly revamped web site,, where files of our print editions as well as additional articles, photo galleries and comment-posting capabilities to give us feedback. The web site gives students an opportunity to interact with the paper and give us responses on a daily basis to the work we do.

We have also relocated this year to room 225 from our old production room. Feel free to stop by anytime. I truly hope that, this year, with you and my fellow staffers, we can exceed the previous year?s high bar in both our coverage of the issues pertaining to Marshall and in our recognition as a truly exceptional publication on the national forum.


Devon Maloney