by Monika Bapna
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The annual International Night is going to be hosted on Feb. 9 in the auditorium. International Night celebrates the different cultures present in the school.

Sharyn Quick, an adult sponsor who is helping in the overall production, said that the night represents “many of the 99 cultures we have here.”

The night consists of a scavenger hunt in the early evening where people answer questions about different countries and cultures. A large jigsaw puzzle of the world and bingo are also included, Quick said.

Booths showcasing different cultures will be present alongside the games.

The booths are an amazing way to increase “interest among the attending public regarding cultural characteristics of the many and varied countries,” Quick said.

International Club, which recently had two meetings about International Night, will play a part in preparing for the celebration.

“We are responsible for gathering food donations from local restaurants, helping with the entertainment and making certain we have club members at the entrance doors that evening to greet guests,” International Club sponsor Sanaa Itayem said.

The International Club is also working to establish food booths to contribute to the dinner. The dinner is a potluck where different people bring in foods from their native country.

“We are focusing a lot of our attention to finding restaurants that would be willing to donate food,” International club member Alisa Chirachaturaphak said.

Another committee that has helped in the production of the night is the International Adult Club. Quick, who is also a member of the adult group, said that the night is a great way to “socialize and be culturally entertained in a warm, relaxing environment.”

The Adult International Club and parent sponsors have been asking for support from the local restaurants.

Freshman performer, Sylvie Dufort, who is representing Haiti, is looking forward to International Night because it is a way to “show a part of Haiti that people aren’t familiar with,” she said.

“The performances include dancing, singing and a lot of other creative activities and is solely done by the students,” teacher sponsor Matthew Axelrod said.