Amnesty poeticizes human freedoms

Amnesty Club and Reveille will host Slamnesty after school today. The event, a poetry slam, aims to give students the opportunity to share their views on human rights issues.

To raise awareness about these issues, Amnesty decided to have students share poetry related to human rights.

“Everyone [can] share their poems and opinions on human rights,” sophomore Maggie Schumann said.

Senior Amnesty press secretary Yara Alemi emphasizes that Slamnesty is not strictly a poetic event but also a public forum. Although the event is mostly oriented towards sharing poetry, there may also be some discussion or debate about human rights.

Apart from this, Slamnesty is also a prelude to the upcoming Jamnesty fundraiser program in May. Amnesty will be the sole sponsor of this second event.

“Slamnesty is a really fun event and we’re hoping that it’ll . . . hype people up for Jamnesty, which is also a really fun event,” Alemi said.

Reveille also plans to pick out the best of the poems to put in their literary magazine, which will be published in June.