French club springs for Mardi Gras

The French Club is hosting a dance to celebrate the French festival of Mardi Gras. The dance moved from March 18 to Friday because of conflicts with a soccer tournament at Marshall also taking place that weekend.

“We want as many people as possible to come,” officer and junior Sharon Walbarsht said.

The dance is prepared entirely by the students involved in French Club, with four officers—juniors Yazan Alshawkani, Faby Chaillo, Amir Noorbaksh and Wolbarsht—leading the preparations.

“This year we have an active group of officers who have taken a lot of initiative,” French teacher Kathleen Bridges said. “They wanted to do something that got the whole school involved.”

The theme of the dance is a Masquerade ball, which has excited the students to “wear costumes and bring face paint and masks to get ready,” Bridges said.

Bridges said that the dance will be a way to give the non-French students a glimpse of French culture through the music food to be served at the event.