by Russell Alford
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What does it mean to be human? This question has indirectly split our society in two. Every day in these halls is a slow one, not because of work stress but because we are made to feel inferior. Any teacher or administrator would dispute this but that is sheer denial. We are treated as if less human than our elders simply because we are the younger. I believe it is the nobility of the human spirit that characterizes it. It is my belief that the sole sovereign of any human should be reason. If a person can reason and survive in the world without excessive aid, then that person is human and to restrict their freedom in any way is indeed evil. Tradition has been allowed to dictate law here. I dare administration to explain to me how a student is being disrespectful to a teacher when they sleep in class, if we are all but forced to come here before our parents wake up every day? How is a student disturbing class more than the teacher when no one even knew they were texting or otherwise until the teacher stopped the class just to confront them? If they really care so much about our education, why do they seem to be more worried about almost every other factor of our lives, even ones that are none of their business in the first place?