Wedding’s royal treatment undeserved


The Royal wedding. The sensational event that had people waking up at four in the morning all over US and around the world to see.


The wedding that had an estimated expenditure of 35 million in preparations must have been a pompous affair.


We have all seen our fair share of million dollar weddings though, haven’t we? So why was it that the royal wedding, royals of Britain, was captivating to Americans and the world?


A lot of things about the royal wedding caught people’s attention.


Whether it was the hush-hush dress, the groom’s glaring bald spot, or the lavish procession, an estimated three billion people around the world were interested enough to tune in to watch the royal wedding.


It was, however, the fact that it was the royals getting married that made the world stop and watch on April 29.


Royal weddings are really only a once-in-a-generation king of thing. There are always royal funerals, birthdays and festivals, but it’s really the weddings that captivates the imagination of the masses.


It’s been years since Britain has had princess Diana’s wedding and happy family and they were eager to once again have a princess to adore.


Also, since William is the son of the adored and renowned Dianna, the wedding became more about William being Dianna’s son, rather than about William himself.


The wedding of Diana’s son, Prince William, and a mere commoner was just the excitement that the world cannot help but pay attention to.


Apart from it being a royal wedding, it managed to create enough of stir to excite the masses.


May it have been the much awaited wedding invites, who made the cut and who got snubbed, the dress that have numerous rumors, one that claims that a Belgium princess wore something similar to Kate’s dress and whether the British bride copied her or not, created an almost soap-operish air around the wedding that had not just the media, but people all around the world wanting to know about the details or the “inside scoop”.


Additionally, William and Kate’s perfect fairy tale wedding was the embodiment of every childhood (and secretly adult) fantasy of the happily ever after wedding experience.


If that does not garner immense media attention, what will?


The couple, until their engagement in November, had been relatively successful in keeping a low profile.


In the months since, the media has gone into over drive covering the years of dating that they missed constantly running stories on how the couple met, when will there be kids, old flings and other dating details the public was clambering to know.


Lastly, it was a healthy respite from the wars and turmoils going on the world.


The people needed an event as cliched as a wedding to distract the people from the reoccurring mayhem all through out the world.