by Diana Borkar
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Invisible Children is a non-profit organization that helps find a peaceful solution for the longest running war in Africa. The money that is donated goes to spreading the awareness of the program and gaining support of the peace process, providing high quality programming for children and their families and developing a new generation of leaders in Uganda.

In order to best fulfill what they are trying to achieve, Invisible Children should spend more money for finding a peaceful solution that they want for Uganda. The budget should consist of thirty percent of the money for promoting their cause internationally, twenty percent towards finding a peaceful solution toward the war in Uganda and leave the remaining fifty percent for the formation of leadership within children and families in Uganda. The children of Uganda are very important and they are the future for the country; therefore, most of the money should go to them. The current budget plan is effective, but it could be improved. If my proposal is followed, the organization will have a greater effect while working with the same amount of money.