by Helena Patterson
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A drastic decrease in parking options are leaving certain students, who were once able to drive to school, to find other ways to first block on time.

In the past, any student with a license and a car was able to apply for a parking pass. However, this year a decision was made by the administration to hold a lottery for the 45 parking spaces available to students. This lottery was only open to seniors.

“It was basically just pulling names out of a hat, except that we did it through a computer,” security specialist Steven Williams said.

Some have attempted to park in Marshall Heights. One student has been confirmed to have had their car towed from where it was illegally parked and other students have “had to be called in and told to move their cars” during the day, Williams said.

Senior Carly Taylor, who was not one of the lottery winners, must park on George C. Marshall Drive each morning.

“It is a frenzy every day trying to get a spot,” Taylor said. “The parking situation is just frustrating.”

Saint Luke’s United Methodist Church offered their own parking lot for student use, but the church only allocated 40 spots.

With all the commotion, buses have become a last resort for eligible drivers like junior Danny Glass, who could not get a parking space.

“I’m OK with taking the bus as a junior, but I’m really ready to move on,” Glass said.