National merit scholarship granted to three seniors

People might judge Marshall by the outside of the building, but our statesmen are the ones that really let us stand out.

The National Merit Scholarship Program picks national semifinalists each year in every state based on their PSAT state scores. The semi finalists are narrowed down to 1600 from the 1.5 million students who have taken the PSAT as juniors. Lizzie Culberston,

Jonathan Gracia and Brian Potter have scored in the top one percent of all high school seniors who have taken this assessment.

Three of our students who have entered the National Achievement Scholarship Program have scored in the top three percent also.

Another student qualified as a semifinalist in the program, placing her in the top 1600 people who have entered this program.

The national merit award ceremony was an event organized by director of student services Cindy Blakeley and principle Jay Pearson, during which all the students scoring the highest PSAT scores were awarded.

In his speech to congratulate the statesmen, Pearson said “This kind of achievement can really bring a sense of balance to life”.

Other than the students who were nominated as semi finalists by the National Merit Scholarship Program and the National Achievement Scholarship, Marshall gave awards to other seniors who did not enter the program, but scored highly on the PSAT.