Refresh your Food Favorites

A melange of sweetened milk and super-dark coffee, Thai coffee is a tasty afternoon pick-me-up. Thai Pilin offers a great version just down the road from Starbucks, near DSW. The drink is smooth and refreshing. The sweetness of the drink makes it a treat on its own. It is reminiscent of Starbucks bottled frappuchinos, although with a more clear and pure taste. For those who are less fond of the coffee flavor, Thai tea is also available. Don’t be intimidated by the sit-down tables; the to-go counter will make a coffee in only a minute or two.

Elevation Burger’s modern decor is characteristic of its forward-thinking approach to traditional fare. All beef is grass-fed,
organic and free-range, while its fries are cooked in olive oil. The juicy burger’s flavor stands out, too. With a multitude of options for toppings like caramelized onions and their own sauce, they move burgers beyond the ordinary. Consumer experience is not downsized in the least, either. Elevation Burger has all the stalwarts of your classic burger joint, with great burgers, fries and milkshakes. It has a new soda fountain which offers over two hundred flavors. Even more revolutionary, though, is its affordability. Located in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Falls Church, Elevation Burger is the hallmark of an evolving restaurant industry.

On a quiet Saturday afternoon, when you could be instead sleeping, you wait forty-five minutes for a simple ice cream cone. You and some fifty other people are compact in a single room. The frozen custard machines flood the room with noise, drowning out any conversation you can have with your peers. Nevertheless, when you get your first lick of Nielson’s sweet and silky frozen custard, you do not regret a single second of the wait. The custard differs from your typical ice cream fix by its egg content, which makes the treat richer. With frequently rotating flavors of custard, superb service and an astounding product, Nielson’s frozen custard founds a tradition of being a quality establishment, putting its competitors to shame.