This Friday will be the second to last day of Freshmen Friday, an event headed by the Class of 2015.

Twenty-five songs ranging from Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” to Sara Bareilles’ “Love Song” will be available for selection on Freshmen Friday for 50 cents.

Any student can pay to play one of these songs or pay for a shout-out. Money raised from Freshmen Friday will go towards funding for the Class of 2015.

“We made it February-themed—happy—not just love-themed,” SGA executive board member Erica Sherr, freshman said.

“I think would be fun to listen to them,” freshman Wynne Treco said.

“I have a feeling a lot of tables would sing along … during lunch because [the songs are] so well-known,” she added.

However, some students like freshman Kira Robbins felt that the fundraiser would be wasteful.

“People who don’t want music or people who want to be able to carry a conversation won’t be able to,” she said.

Freshman Hannah DeLucia echoed similar sentiments, saying that she doubted “anybody [would] want to try it out.”

DeLucia said that fundraising for the event would be difficult as the event would make “five dollars a day at most.”