Gotham City Impostors surprises

Gotham City Impostors is a very interesting change of pace after Batman: Arkham City and it will satisfy most everyday gamers. First of all, it is an online first person shooter, with a maximum of 6v6 players online match, which was previously unseen for any batman game. Also, with its cartoony graphics and colorful character design the game takes a different spin on the Batman franchise.The game has a basic plot behind it: a group of Batman and Joker impersonators (Bats and Jokerz) fight each other over the control of Gotham City.

The game play features special gadgets such as a grappling hook, a glider, X-Ray goggles, body armor and roller skates. Traveling across the map in a matter of seconds with the grappling hook or dive-bombing on your enemies with the glider is what really makes this game fun. These abilities are what make the game original and worth playing.

Although Gotham City Impostors is a download-only game, it still offers a huge amount of customization in terms of classes and playable characters, and it is a lot for a $15 game.

As you level up you are assigned “unlock keys,” so you can choose what to unlock, without having to level up seventy times before using a certain weapon. This is a big improvement over other FPS class systems, and it makes the game much more fluid and less frustrating to play. However, the game has its flaws. It takes a lot of time to join a match online and it often lags. Also, the developers of the game obligate you to pay in order to unlock some of the avatar items, which is surprising after paying $15 for the game.

Fortunately, the unique game mechanics and cartoony mood make up for the game’s flaws. Everyone is dressed in a makeshift Batman or Joker costume, contributing to the upbeat pace of the game. The maps are within the DC universe (like Crime Alley and Gotham Power), and the character dialogue is cleverly thought out to contribute to the fun tone of the game’s conclusion. The game is really basic, but it does have a feel of its own.

Gotham City Impostors is a nice breath of fresh air from standard FPS’s such as Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. The game will provide you with many hours of entertaining gameplay and it is totally worth downloading for only $15.