IB and standard classes polarize learning; need honors courses

IB classes are hard. To really thrive, one has to dedicate time and effort to the work an IB class demands. Even students who are looking for challenge may not be able to ready to commit themselves to the responsibilities of an IB class. Students who are on the cusp between being ready for IB have no alternative but to stick with standard classes until they are ready to take on an IB class.

Honors courses would fill the needs of the students looking for a challenge beyond standard classes, but unable to commit themselves to IB. The English Department’s new option of Standard Level IB English next year for juniors and seniors will be extremely beneficial for the students who want to take a class more challenging than a standard class but are not ready for Higher Level IB English.

While I think the English Department’s efforts to expand the class options for students is a positive first step, the other departments need to provide the option of higher level courses as an alternative to IB classes as well.

Too many students are unable to maintain suitable grades in an IB but are left unchallenged by the work in standard courses. There needs to be middle ground.

Devon Maloney