Counselors, school should be first barrier against bullies

Smiling, senior Austin Hoskins held up a caricature of himself and junior Danny Glass next to his face.

“Guess who’s who?” he said.

Hoskins acquired the caricature from IB Art student Rachel Frankel, junior, who was partipating in the second annual Creative Arts Festival held on March 9.

The festival welcomed all attendees to enjoy live music and events presented by the National Art Honor Society, Art Club, Photo Club and ACE Mentoring.

“Our goal with the festival [was] to involve all of the clubs at Marshall and to represent the whole community,” event chair Amber Holder, junior, said. “I’m not typically overly involved in production [in Reveille] so this is my biggest contribution.”

During the festival, art students placed their work on display “because we want to promote the arts and show that you can be creative in any way,” IB Art student Kasia DeBuc, senior, said.

DeBuc was stationed at one of the visual arts events, where art students drew caricatures for three tickets.

Tickets were required for participation in most club events, with the exception of the culinary demonstration and student performances.

In senior Anna Koch’s opinion, the festival had many fun activities but was marked by poor attendance.

“I don’t think Friday was necessarily the best choice because people weren’t coming, but it’s a lot of fun,” she said.

According to art teacher Nicole Walter, the festival was an extremely ambitious event but more organized in comparison to last year’s festival. She added that it seemed like the students enjoyed themselves.

“I think it went very well,” Reveille sponsor and English teacher Joyana Peters said.
“I think it was nice that we had so many additional clubs and organizations involved this year and I think people really got a lot out of it and got to see a lot of the fantastic arts programs Marshall has to offer.”