Teens, not candidates, plan presidential debate

The Young Democrats and Young Republicans of Marshall will hold a presidential debate on June 1 in Michael Hall.

The Young Democrats and Republicans have been preparing for this debate with dedication and focus.

“We are going to be comparing the Republican Platform to the Democratic platform on the issues that matter most, like women’s rights and such,” founder of the Young Democrats Andrew Crider, junior, said.

The debate will have a specific and organized format in order to allow every speaker to express their opinions. According to Young Republicans co-chair Benjamin Bowie, junior, the debate will be held in a team-oriented format.

“We’ll have six topics [and] between three and six speakers for each side,” Bowie said.

At the debate, the designated Young Democrats and Republicans speakers will “go up there and talk about the issue and ask questions to the other speaker,” Bowie said.

The debate will be open to the public and anyone can attend.

“It’s not just a club thing, everyone can come, so come out. Whether you’re debating or not, come out, learn a little bit about what’s going on in the world, in America and just be educated,” Young Democrats member Alex Lesser, junior, said.

Lesser hopes that the debate will encourage people to make an educated decision when it is time for the presidential election in November.

“I’m really excited for this debate. I think that all of the people at GCM will hopefully come to the debate and be educated. That way they will vote the right way come November,” he said.