After a one year gap, students interested in medical science have a club again. Although the club technically existed last year, it was inactive due to lack of interest.

The medical science club plans on studying and doing activities based on and around particular illnesses by investigating them and watching videos about them.

The club essentially exists to give students a background in the knowledge they will need for a medical job.

“One major activity is to show students what goes on in a [medical] job,” club sponsor and science teacher Sunny Nieh said.

There will also be informational meetings for students who would like to work in the medical field. Guest speakers like nurses or doctors may even make appearances, should there be enough student support.

Additionally, a field trip will also be scheduled in which the club will visit a hospital in Fairfax to watch an open heart surgery.

At this time there are no Medical Science Club meetings scheduled, but that would change if the club gained members.

Those students interested in joining will also have opportunities for service hours and leadership positions, but officer elections have already ended.

Students who are interested in joining the club should contact Nieh or club president Joshna Seelam, junior.