Young tennis team exhibits potential, renewed team spirit

by andrew crider

The varsity girls tennis team played its first week of matches against Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST), South Lakes and Madison finishing the week with a record of 2-1, winning against Madison on March 15. The record excludes two scrimmages on March 4 and 8 where it pulled off a win against Annandale and a loss to Yorktown respectively.

The team’s new coach is Dorothy Brown, who has also coached volleyball at Marshall for three years. Brown coaches tennis for the first time this year. According to Brown, the weather has provided an extra challenge.

“The practice days have been limited,” Brown said.

According to Brown, the weather comes on top of school priorities and “kids are trying to maintain their grades.”

Despite the challenges, Brown is confident about the team.

“I am very positive about the team,” Brown said. “They love playing and they are very enthusiastic.”
Despite losses, Brown thinks the team will benefit because “when you lose a match, you always learn something.”

The team is very enthusiastic about its coach and the team’s chemistry.

“I love her. Shes a really good teacher,” junior Mariah Raskin said. “She’s really positive as well.”
According to junior Sarah Nicholson, the morale of team is another strong point.

“We have a lot of pride and we represent Marshall really well,” Nicholson said.
Despite the team’s chemistry, it is very young.

Sophomore Dany Chaillo and freshman Rachel Leibowitz are two underclassmen who play on the top six singles.

For Leibowitz, playing for Marshall has been a completely new experience.

“I think in high school it’s a lot different,” Leibowitz said.

According to Brown, a young team does not mean they are at a disadvantage.

“They all have potential,” Brown said. “I’m very positive about the team.” Brown went on to say, “I’m very eager to improve and develop them.”