Student Services take steps to reduce exam, SOL stress

To help relieve the pressure of upcoming examinations, the administration has extended the tradition of last year’s Stress-Free Day by creating a Wellness Week.

The event, which is organized by Student Services, consists of stress-free activities that all students can participate in during Learn and all three lunches.

“There are a lot of things that can stress out a student. We want them to know that we’re here to support them,” school counselor Gina Fajardo said.

Wellness Week began on Monday and will continue through Friday.

Today, although there is no learn on Wednesdays, there was an optional depression counseling opportunity.

“Anyone who is feeling sad or down can come in and talk to us and we’ll be talking with them,” Fajardo said.

On Friday, when the art students will have their works on display in the library, students will be able to do an art workshop in the Statesmen Room. This will allow them to alleviate stress through creativity.

“The art one sounds pretty cool from what our teachers have put forth,” senior Amber O’Rourke said.

Student Services is also holding stress-relieving activities during lunches.
“We’re going to give kids handouts with a list of things they can do when they’re feeling stressed,” Fajardo said.

“We’re thinking about having a big poster as well, which is going to be a stress meter,” Fajardo said.

There have been concerns about the timing of Wellness Week.

Many students intend to use Learn for exam study.

“I know a lot of kids who have lots of stress need to do work during Learn, and I am not sure that the time slot is going to be the most efficient,” O’Rourke said.

Senior Spencer Tollo agreed with the sentiment, saying that the week is a good idea but that he needed to study instead.

“The time that would be most useful would be right after the exams,” Tollo said.

Activities for Wellness Week are being read over morning announcements. The events are also posted in the halls.