Art, music on display at upcoming festival

The Creative Arts Festival will take place Friday in the cafeteria, auditorium and (weather permitting) senior courtyard.

Sponsored by Reveille, the festival will not only display art, but will also include numerous musical performances.

“We tried to make the festival much more of a partnership than just a Reveille event,” said editor-in-chief Amber Holder, senior, about the collaboration between Reveille, NAHS and Tri-M for the event.

First-year Reveille sponsor Samantha Nims explains the collaboration as a natural extension of the club members’ involvement in other artistic clubs.

“The arts in the building are so intricately connected, you rarely have a kid that is involved in one and not somehow connected to another,” Nims said.

According to National Art Honor Society president Samantha Newman, junior, the festival is a chance to promote the arts.

“We do smaller projects, but the Creative Arts Festival is the big one each year,” she said.

Some of the activities at the festival will be caricatures, face painting, culinary arts demonstrations and musical performances.
Holder cites the festival as a way to highlight some lesser-known talents. “I’m looking forward to being able to showcase a lot of different activities and performers that don’t usually get as much recognition and attention as they deserve,” Holder said.

The festival provides an opportunity to experience a multitude of art forms, and is open to the public.