Vegas-themed prom held at Fairview Park after careful planning, networking

Whether they were part of the planning committee or simply comparing dresses, both juniors and seniors prepared for this year’s prom well in advance.The dance was on May 18, and was held at the Fairview Marriott Hotel.

“We picked a good location,” class of 2014 executive board member and junior Ann Bryan said. “We’ve only had prom once at the Fairview Marriott, and it’s a really nice hotel.”

As always, the dance was planned by the junior class. This year, the dance’s theme was Las Vegas.

“We wanted something that we could could realistically do in a hotel,” Bryan said of the theme choice. “We could be creative with the Vegas theme and find lots of decorations in different places.”

While the 2014 executive board was busy planning for the dance itself, juniors and seniors made their own arrangements. For instance, there was a public Facebook group for the express purpose of making sure that no two girls accidentally wore the same dress.

Meanwhile, proposals to prom were facilitated by the availability of serenades featuring music and singing, which were part of a fundraiser sponsored by the Tri-M Music Honor Society.

The 2014 executive board wanted this year’s prom to be memorable, despite the fact that its location is the same as last year’s dance. They planned their theme extensively to ensure that prom went smoothly.

“The decorations were hard,” Bryan said. “We had to figure out where we would store them, where we would put them up and how to get them to the hotel.”