Girls golf unified and competitive

Of all the sports Statesmen participate in, the golf season ends the earliest, typically halfway through the first quarter.

Although this makes it easy for the sport to go unnoticed, this has not stopped students from participating in not one, but two teams.

While 12 students participate in the co-ed golf team, six female athletes have chosen to join the competitive girls’ golf team.

Senior Lani Allen explained what drew her to the sport.

“It is relaxing but also extremely challenging, contrary to what many may think,” Allen said.

Sophomore Hamilton Crockett chose to play because it gave her “a chance to forget the stress of school or life.”

Crockett, who has been on the team for two years, also appreciated the opportunity to play the game itself.

“[It] gives me a chance to have fun and enjoy a little competition,” Crockett said.

The girls played a tournament earlier this year, beating James Madison High school and coming in second place.

Most recently, Peggy Coppola and Isabel Hagopian qualified for the state tournament.

In addition to the challenge and competition, the team presents a flexible opportunity to improve one’s technique.

“I knew that the girls’ team was less competitive,” Allen said, “and I knew because I had a lot of time commitments, I would not be able to make every match.”

The team played eight matches.

Reflecting on the season, coach John Skaggs described it as an educational experience.

“We learned a lot about ourselves as a team and individually as well as the basic mechanics of golf,” Skaggs said.

Although golf can be a challenging sport, Crockett was undeterred.

“There is always room for improvement, but all you can do is try,” said Crockett. “There’s always next year.”

Crockett feels disappointed that “the good times of being able to have a good game of golf together is almost over” along with, in her opinion, the friendly competition.