Construction update: After final touches, teachers move to new classrooms in the main building

Although some teachers from the trailers are moving into new classrooms in the building, construction is still under way. Pictured above, a hallway currently being renovated will have lockers lining both of the walls when completed.

Marking the final stages of renovation development, the foreign language classes are finally making the move back into the main building. With transitions beginning last week, the integration back into the main building and future plans to reintroduce the math classes signal a close to major construction developments within Marshall.

The new classrooms use the same template as the other modernized rooms, maximizing space with more streamlined furniture and utilizing window space when available.

Aside from the trailers, smaller development projects are in the intermediate stages, as the two blocked halls in the first and second floors are still being refitted for the new classrooms and enhanced with the same technology used in the other new sections of the building, according to multiple construction workers.

Finishing touches are already being placed in the main building as construction workers have begun installing a new metallic skeleton on the ceilings in order to re-introduce the long-disappeared ceiling tiles in the old half of the building.