Masten chosen as new football head coach

After an extensive search, George Masten was selected to be new head coach for the varsity football team,  replacing previous coach Gregory Sullivan.

Masten has a history of coaching at Marshall; he was on the varsity coaching staff for three years before becoming the freshman assistant coach in the fall.

“I feel like I know the kids in and out here,” Masten said.

Football has always been a part of Masten’s life. He grew up in South Florida playing at Plantation High School and furthered his football career at Ferrum College in Virginia.

“It really made a difference in my life; if it wasn’t for football, I don’t know if I would be here right now,” Masten said.

Now, he is a Special Education teacher at Marshall.

Masten says that he has a specific plan to ensure the team’s success, through three main principles of “preparation, dedication, and determination.”

He will prepare the team as best as possible by eliminating variables that cause them to lose games, such as a lack of knowledge of plays.

“We will teach every player exactly what we want them to achieve in all facets of the game,” Masten said.

Varsity football player Michael Nadjmabadi is confident in Masten’s coaching abilities, having played under them since his freshman year.

“He’ll definitely improve the team,” Nadjmabadi said. “He’s the most enthusiastic person I’ve ever met.”

Nadjmabadi says that Masten’s dedication to his job and emphasis in the weight room will contribute to success for the team in the upcoming season.

The process of choosing the new head coach was selective and was based on a panel of seven people: a football parent, the Boosters president, a head coach, an assistant/department chair, a representative of the student activities office, Marshall’s ATC and another school administrator. The panel narrowed down the fifteen resumes to five candidates, then chose the top two. These individuals were then sent to Principal Jay Pearson and Activities Director Joseph Swarm for a final interview.

According to Swarm, the panel was looking for someone who showed excitement and a desire to build up the program.

“He’s a good person, and that’s the most important thing,” Swarm said.

Freshman football player Jhordy Molina expressed similar sentiments.

“He’s a really fun guy; he makes you work hard, but it pays off,” Molina said. “I’m really looking forward to him being my head coach.”

When asked what he enjoyed most about coaching football, Masten explained how it allowed him to prepare his players for life.

“If you get knocked down, then you have to get back up and if things don’t go your way, you have to strive to achieve something,” Masten said. “It’s life. Football is life. And I just love it.”