The new leaders of Octagon Club are implementing a number of changes to the organization’s policies to expand its membership and conduct more activities that will assist the community even outside of school.

The largest change to the club is the introduction of a point system for members to ensure that they will commit themselves more than before.

I think the point system is our way of encouraging participation in service events because last year we had some trouble with attendance,” senior officer Cara Barazia said in an email. According to Barazia, many members previously participated in the club for the sole purpose of putting it on their college applications.

 “We love Octagon because we want to help others and our objective for the point system is to find other people that want to do service too,” Barazia said. In addition, social media is being increasingly used as an outlet to allow communication within and even outside of the club.

Seniors Sophie Lex, Sean Hoffman, and Cara Barazia now lead Octagon as senior officers. They are responsible for organizing, planning, and receiving funds for activities. Environmental Systems and Societies teacher Elizabeth Hurley sponsors and oversees the club.

“I think that serving your community is important and the students that join Octagon Club here at Marshall are such a great group of kids to get to know and to help,” Hurley said.

Octagon has already begun lining up events for the coming months. On Oct. 22, they will host a pumpkin carving event as well as a costume contest to introduce teachers new to Marshall into the school community.

During the holidays, the club will participate in programs supporting children in need such as Toys for Tots and Holiday for Hope.