Three years later, here we are. Construction has finally (mostly) come to a close, leaving us with a gleaming new school and our largest student body to date. Similarly, Rank & File finally has everything we need to succeed in today’s modern media setting.

Now that we have the resources, the only question that remains is what we will do with them.

We strive to bring you the most updated publication possible, with the widest coverage yet. With a 50 percent increase in our staff and the technology to create beautiful graphics, we feel prepared to cover every event in the school community.

One of our main focuses this year is emphasizing our role as a public forum. So if you have an opinion, a story or just a thought, write to us (room D211), tweet at us (@gcmranknfile) or talk to us. We are here to share your voices with the community.

All of these aspirations are in keeping with our new mission statement: “The Rank & File is George C. Marshall’s student-run and self-sufficient school newspaper. We strive to provide all students with an accurate, unbiased and accessible account of important events, ideas and news in the school community. As a public forum, we encourage all contributions and students self-expression.”

For us, this year is about redefining our publication. For you, it is about redefining our school. We’ve already shattered expectations by winning our first football game since construction started. Our question now is, “What’s next?”