Key Club pies teachers for fundraiser

Seven teachers had “pies” shoved in their faces in the Senior Courtyard. This was part of the Key Club’s fundraiser in mid-October to raise money for future projects like making friendship bracelet kits for children in hospitals and working with Food for Others.

“We could have such a positive change on the community and the world. Any chance I get to propose a fundraiser/service opportunity or participate in one, I’m all for it,” history teacher and Key Club sponsor Sean Rolon said.

Making this event happen was a challenge for the new officers.

“We were met with a lot of obstacles and requirements that we had no idea existed in the first place,” said Ahra Nam, a senior and officer.

Teachers had mixed feeling about the pieing moment itself.

“It seemed like something that would make my students happy [but] getting a pie in the face is awful.  I don’t suggest this for anyone,” English teacher Jonathan Super said.

 French teacher Matthew Hanlon, the Key Club sponsor, volunteered himself.

 “A pie in the face isn’t so bad, but it didn’t help having Mr. Kane there to egg on the pie-throwers.  I also got whipped cream up my nose, and had a sour milk taste for about a day afterwards,” Hanlon said. But, he added, “in the end it was worth it.” 

Although financially the club didn’t reach its goal, students liked the event so much that they want something similar next year.

“I liked it. It switched roles of teacher and student because the student had all the power,” junior Jared Gurdak said.