If you’ve been looking for clubs to join, you may have noticed something new on promotional posters: Twitter handles.  As social media becomes increasingly popular among students and teachers alike, clubs have been adopting Twitter, Facebook and more to keep their members informed.

“I think it gets the word out about meetings and it’s another source for students to check,” said Laura Campbell, a gym teacher and the school’s head of social media.

Clubs like Cyber Club, DECA and the theatre program have their own social media pages where members can stay connected with their friends and sponsors

With better communication and interaction comes a much better experience for everyone in their respective activities ,clubs hope.

Additionally, using social media to improve clubs can financially support the school, as in the case of theatre.

“It’s upped attendance at the shows and helps bring in money and support for the department,” said Liz Carlson, theatre’s head of social media.