New German club celebrates culture, heritage

Students are now exposed to German culture through the new German club, founded by sophomore Irmanrad Iranbomy.

“I wanted to celebrate and learn more about German culture and tradition, which also means that the German Club is a place where Germans and people who are interested in the German lifestyle come together,” Iranbomy said.

Iranbomy, a sophomore who lived in Germany up until this school year, founded the club with the help of adviser Margaret Laufer, an instructional assistant.

Members of the club want to visit the German embassy on a field trip this year. By 2017, Iranbomy is interested in organizing a trip to Germany.

The club held its first meeting on Tuesday Nov. 25, where attendees discussed the club’s Constitution, elected executive board members, and shared their appreciation of German culture. There are currently 20 active members, and the club hopes to continue to grow.

Membership is not limited to students from a German background. Iranbomy encourages everyone to check out the club to learn about German culture. He intends on meeting every second Thursday.

Junior Alex Meuser is of German descent and looks at the club as an opportunity to showcase his culture.

“I’m really excited to join this organization and represent the German community,” Meuser said.

Sponsor Margaret Laufer, who grew up in Montreal, Canada speaking German because of her mother’s heritage, was approached by Iranbomy after a German-speaking encounter in the hallway.

“The idea behind forming the club was to bring students together who wish to learn all about German language, heritage, and traditions. We wanted a forum for sharing similar backgrounds,” Laufer said.

Laufer agrees that a trip to the German embassy or possibly Germany is in the club’s future, and wants to instill other values in the club members through community service and other activities.

“All of them are very conscientious and very hardworking students and I want them to honor the values that are so important: honesty, integrity, and individuality,” Laufer said.

The club will meet next on Thursday, Dec. 18th to celebrate the holidays with traditional German food prepared by club members.