Cider Club unites Marshall one drink at a time

Cider club had its first meeting on January 17th, with a larger than expected attendance. The club, a celebration of apple cider, is expected to increase in its following in the coming meetings.

Cider Club was started by sophomore Patrick Brinza and junior Sarah Boyle. The origin of the club started as a joke between the co-presidents when they confused “cyber club” for “cider club”. They soon realized that they were onto something, and called on Spanish teacher Señor David Barkley to be the sponsor.

Brinza says that he hopes to “join Marshall together as a community, with cider because everyone just loves cider, and it’s a great opportunity for people to just hang out with friends and make a school into more of a community”.

Boyle was not expecting the outpouring of support for the club from her classmates, and was “really surprised about how many people got really excited about the fact that it was cider. Like cider’s great, but we didn’t know that there was as much demand.”

The club now has about thirty members, or “followers” in the cider club vernacular. Membership is not required because, as Brinza says, “We mainly hope to join Marshall together with cider.”

Junior Emily Daring attended the first meeting and found that it was a good outlet to meet with friends.

“I was pretty optimistic going into it, and I thought that it would be cool,” Daring said. “I mean, there’s not that much you do; you’re just drinking cider and talking to friends.”

Students who participate in Cider Club can go to the monthly meetings open to students and teachers alike.

Students considering membership, Boyle emphasized, must consider their beverage of choice to be apple cider and “not apple juice, that’s disgusting.”