Art by: Lauren Hanapole
Art by: Lauren Hanapole

Teachers are beginning to use Learn time more frequently as a means to finish lessons they didn’t complete in class. Unfortunately, this transformation of the Learn period into even more class time can have a negative impact on students who use the period to manage their schoolwork.

Understandably, teachers are trying their hardest to fit in all of the required curricula for their classes. After all, it’s their job as teachers to ensure students are educated on everything they need to know.

However, using this free time that many students need for the sake of extending classes is not the correct solution. Learn has become a crucial aspect of the average student’s academic life. It is used to study for tests, finish homework, or simply relax before continuing on with one’s day. As a result, many have come to rely on Learn as a period of time they can use for whatever purpose they need.

When this time is taken away, those who rely on Learn will suffer as a result. Athletes have even less time to manage their schoolwork, extracurriculars aren’t able to have as many meetings and many students are not able to make up missed tests or lessons.

The argument that students could simply spend more time doing their work at home is rendered moot by the fact that Learn has become something much more than a simple study hall period. Learn gives students a sense of independence in addition to teaching valuable time management skills that many will need when they depart from high school.

Instead of taking away this time, teachers should simply restructure their curricula to better suit time constraints. Extraneous lessons and activities are not as important as the basics of a curriculum, and shouldn’t receive time students could put towards other responsibilities.

Learn needs to remain a period students can use as they see fit, rather than becoming an extension of class.