I’ve rewritten the first sentence of this about 15 times. Proof that being an editor has infiltrated my very being. It’s difficult to put four years into words.

Newspaper has helped to define my experience here. And now, something that has been a constant in my life for four years, which has brought my countless laughs, smiles, triumphs and admittedly a few breakdowns, has come to an end.

This year we had the unique challenge of having a large staff (aka more than one male). With so many freshmen and inexperienced staffers, we devoted much of our time to teaching, which meant that we sometimes (all the time) struggled to put together a publishable product. Working after school during production was no longer a peaceful time, but rather an attempt to focus amongst the loud din.

Late nights of production week are the epitome of the Rank & File experience. Nothing says newspaper like being the last people in the school, eating junk food instead of dinner and the pure delirium that sets in after staring at a page on InDesign for hours.

It sounds torturous when I describe it, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. More than anything, newspaper is not your typical high school class. We don’t learn about a subject so much as how to work with others, how to coexist, how to do a job. It has taught me invaluable people skills that I will take with me through life.

I’ve grown impossibly close to Camille and Isabelle as we’ve braved nights at school until 10 p.m., ignoring our other homework in favor of copy-editing and drawing iPhones on Illustrator. I don’t know what I will do without Isabelle’s forgetfulness to make fun of or Camille’s blunt comments to keep me in line. We went through years of friendship in a matter of months.

Newspaper inevitably brings people together and I’ve loved seeing our staff grow into a family throughout the year. While letting go has been difficult, I’m confident leaving the paper in the hands of Heather,

Patrick, Paulina, and Caylin. I know with their ambition and leadership, they will transform and improve the Rank & File.

I’d like to thank the ever-wise Mr. Reinish for four years of advice, Adobe tricks, and friendship as well as our dedicated readers, supportive administration and my wonderful staff for helping make Volume 52 a success.