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Podcasts shift away from visual entertainment

Posted By Caylin Elkins On November 25, 2015 @ 12:47 pm In Arts & Style | Comments Disabled

The Roosterteeth Podcast

The Roosterteeth Podcast originally started out focusing on gaming, but about three years ago, transformed into an all-out comedy show. Senior George Eltzroth has been keeping up with the  members of this production company the whole way.

“Since I have been listening to it since seventh grade, I’m familiar with the company,” Eltzroth said. “And their dynamic is more akin to a conversation between friends than a show or production.”

But the informality goes past the dynamic of the discussion. The show also has an inconsistent cast, usually switching between about 15 to 20 different people associated with the company.

The two members who appear most are Gus Sorola, who is a little shy and particular about the show running smoothly, and Burnie Burns, a very energetic character that keeps the show rolling and engaging for the listener.  

The topic can focus on a variety of game-related subjects, which change weekly. The constantly differing aspects allows the show to relate to all kinds of demographics and a new atmosphere within every new episode.


Wolf 359 & Welcome to Night Vale

Wolf 359 and Welcome to Night Vale are two differing takes on the topic of science fiction. Unable to decide on a favorite and finding each of them equally captivating, senior Lexi Dannhardt chose both as her favorites.

Wolf 359 is an audio log recording from a communications officer on a spaceship revolving the star Wolf 359. Welcome to Night Vale is a radio caster relaying the news of his town Night Vale which can only be described as strange sci-fi anecdotes.

“I think podcasts are a hard media form to [execute] successfully because you have to have a reason why someone is telling a story,” Dannhardt said. “They both have a very good story base and underlying storyline, and the way that they present it as a communications log or a radio show is very realistic and makes you feel like you’re listening to it in real life.”

Cecil is the host of Welcome to Night Vale: “He has a very comforting voice, low and sleepy, and he takes things as it comes,” Darnnhardt said.

On the other hand, host Iife of “Wolf 359” constantly questions his surroundings.

“He even thinks his fellow crew members are out to kill him,” Darnnhardt said. “And overall is a paranoid human being.”



To reach their viewership from every angle at any time of the day, YouTubers have spread into the podcast arena. One of the hits is a podcast between famous YouTuber Tyler Oakley and his longtime best friend Korey Kuhl called Psychobabble.

The podcast is hosted through SoundCloud and has nearly 25,000 subscribers. Each podcast episode is 30 minutes long, starting on a specific trending or controversial social topic, followed by Oakley and Kuhl going off on tangents and divulging personal stories.

Often times, Psychobabble hosts guest participants such as Troye Sivan, a fellow YouTuber and musician.

“What sets it apart is how interesting both Tyler and Korey are,” freshman Kimmy Curry said.

She described both as complete characters, being completely raw, honest, informal and uncensored, allowing the audience to feel more connected to them and their show.

“I feel like I can relate to their sense of humor and their morals,” Curry said. “And I agree with most of their opinions about topics and people in the news.”

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