The water we drink and the awareness we have for what we put in our bodies comes down to knowing the facts. Hydration is a huge part of being a well rounded, healthy, and active student, but it is the right hydration that is key.

As fortunate members of the Fairfax County community we have access to tap water that is subject to immense filtration. However, not all people have the same luxury. Bottled water does more than mask the trademark metallic taste of tap, it provides the comfort and security of knowing your water is clean even when you can’t guarantee a trustworthy sanitation program.

The journey water takes to reach your sink is elaborate, and with so many steps to disinfection, it is easy for a mistake to find its way into your body. Lead pipes, water line damage, and toxins are all examples of error that can easily penetrate the system. According to the Global Healing Center, there are over 80 contaminants and even more toxins monitored and restricted by the government that still make it into our tap water, whereas treated and tightly sealed filtered water goes through a more consistent check for impurities than that of regular water. This is only of concern if you have limited access to high quality, closely regulated tap water, which for most, is reality.

Not only is bottled water a safe alternative to tap, but it can put your worries of germs and disease to rest. We often stray away from the things we do not understand or trust, and the fear surrounding tap water can be overwhelming. With so many all consuming “what if” thoughts, water shouldn’t make the list when there is an alternative like bottled water.

You also get a better taste with bottled water. Opening up an ice-cold bottle of water after a long or strenuous activity gives you the high quality freshness and taste that tap water cannot provide. In fact, tap water almost always comes with a stale metallic taste that leaves your mouth yearning for the feeling of a crisp beverage.

It doesn’t have to be an everyday purchase, but it is important to remember why it exists, and not to see it as some kind of earth killer or business scheme. In order to keep our systems running we need clean water, and for a lot of people, that means relying on bottled water to minimize unknown risks and remain safe, healthy, and harm free.  

The health benefits combined with the sharper taste creates an overall greater water experience, and adding the comfort of consuming anxiety free water, the choice is clear. Bottled water is superior.