Teachers represent sports loyalties in classrooms

In classes with teachers from diverse regions and cultures, it is often possible to find testaments to teachers’ sports loyalties from all around the country hanging in their rooms, representing little pieces of who they are.

Social Studies teacher and Syracuse University fan Kevin Curtin does not fail to express his love for the Syracuse Oranges to his students. The most attention-catching testament to his support is the original art piece propped up in the back of his room depicting a crowd of orange mascots watching a public execution of the Georgetown bulldog mascot with the caption “Viva La Syracuse.”

Curtin is not the only strong sports fan; English teacher Hendrick Booz devoutly follows University of Virginia lacrosse and basketball, the former of which he has season tickets to.

“Whenever UVA wins a major game I wear all orange the next day,” Booz said.

With such devotion to certain teams also comes disappointment at times.  Booz, however, still makes sure to display his team pride even through disappointing seasons.

“I had a hard time with the Redskins this year,” Booz said. “I force my children to wear clothes that depict the Redskins logo because if they aren’t Redskins fans then they are nothing.”

Team support follows a spectrum, there are die-hard fans like Curtin and Booz, and then there are more laid back fans such as English teacher Matthew Horne.

“I’m committed to any team with Washington in the name,” Horne said.

A statement justified by his Washington Warthogs and Washington Capitals banners hanging in the front of his room.