Jamie Hyneman visits robotics team

Hyneman examines the Robotics team’s robot from their First Robotics competition season they participated in earlier this year. “I would have never thought that something like this could have happened and I’m a little overwhelmed,” freshman and build captain Elena Bachman said.
Hyneman gives a brief lecture about how he began with physics and engineering and proceeded to answer questions from the crowd.

Jamie Hyneman, co-host of television show MythBusters, visited the Robotics Club after school on May 12 in Room B106 to examine the club’s robot. Freshman robotics participant Yana Rogers set up the exchange, and over 50 members came to meet the special effects expert in person, a record club attendance.

“This is our second year doing really [well] at First Robotics,” freshman Isaac Feldman said. “So having someone as influential as Jamie coming in is a really good experience to get everyone excited and working hard on our robots.”

After sharing about his experience with robots and animation programming, Hyneman watched the team’s robot from their competition season climb a ramp as they explained its parts, functions and performance abilities in detail.

Hyneman also talked about his upcoming projects, in which he uses pistons to elevate machinery, and his recent success with building a baseball team made of robots.

Robotics Club members asked questions about his studies, the show and how he plans to execute his animated machine. He made sure not to leave without giving feedback to the team, autographing their robot and taking a group photo with the club and their sponsor.

“Basically what is happening with these students right here is the same thing that is happening to experienced robot builders like myself; it is an adventure,” Hyneman said. “Some people think an adventure is climbing a mountain, others find it more adventurous to invent and build something that they came up with themselves and made with their own skill and imagination.”