After seven years of coaching the girls varsity soccer team, coaches Ann, Kim and Kelly Germain will no longer be with the team following the latest season. Their departure is due to the busy schedules that each coach has.

“It’s a big time commitment and it sort felt like it’s time for us to move on,” Ann Germain said.

During their time with the team, the coaches led them to win Conference 13 three years in a row with the improvements they made to the team’s practices.

“We really worked on making the team be more of a team and work together,” Kelly Germain said. “I think that there are a lot of good athletes, but making them play together is what makes them a good team.”

However, the coaches do not attribute themselves as the only thing that makes the players perform as well as they do.

“More kids are playing club soccer and they’re coming through and playing in high school as well, so I think that’s the biggest factor [in the team’s improvement],” Kim Germain said.

The realization of losing the coaches has begun to hit some players, but they are hopeful for what the next coach might bring.

“I’m sad about it because it was nice working with them and it’s always sad seeing a coach go after spending so much time with them because it’s always after school and at every game,” sophomore Sofia Devin said, “but I think that we are all looking forward to who the new coaches are and for the next season.”