Safety app suggestions



Companion is an app designed for all ages to travel outside safely. By adding contacts from one’s phone and selecting a destination and a mode of transport, “companions” will be able to follow the journey as it happens and receive notifications if something goes wrong or the user deviates from their trail. The only exception to this is in “wander mode,” designed for hikes, jogs and walking a pet, which requires no destination input. The app allows users to reach both their contacts and local police.



Circle of 6

For those headed to college in a few months, Circle of 6 is an app designed for customers in college, with the goal to prevent sexual violence. By choosing six contacts to be in your circle, a user has access to help with two taps, notifying these numbers of their location. There are three text choices a user can send when in trouble: ask for help getting home, ask for a phone call to interrupt a dangerous situation, or just send a text that reads “I need to talk”.


Aimed towards those traveling this summer, bSafe is an app designed for tourists that want to be safe while venturing to cities alone or in a small group. With analysis for major cities including Paris and New York City, the app provides risk levels for every location in these cities during each time of day. Hotspots appear on the map to warn users of danger zones, typically associated with gangs and pickpocketing. The analysis ranges from minimum risk to extreme risk.