An important gap regarding the extensive history of Rank & File has now been filled in. Ruth Phillips, a graduate of the class of 1964, recently donated full copies of the very first four issues of the newspaper from 1962. The PDF files of these issues can now be viewed at the public’s leisure on Rank & File’s website.

As a publication that wishes to remain true to its roots, receiving these copies is immensely exciting. Not only do they detail the origins of the newspaper and allow the current publication staff to self-reflect, but they also provide an exclusive view into the entire school community in its early days.

We thank Phillips for his generous donation and provision of a unique opportunity to appreciate the past of Rank & File.

Click below to view the archived issues:

Volume 1, Issue 1 – September, 1962

Volume 1, Issue 2 – October, 1962

Volume 1, Issue 3 – November, 1962

Volume 1, Issue 4 – December, 1962