Political groups should remain vocal for future

America has a lot to purge from its system. Fear of difference, rejection of the establishment and hate and anger; the underestimated movement of the 2016 election came at an unfortunate time and cost for progressive legislation, but it was unavoidable. According to our nation’s history, the anger of voters will continue to fester until released in a great upheaval of political change. This upheaval came in the form of Donald J. Trump.

Our government is at the brink of a fairly progressive shift in legislation with the work of the Obama Administration. Agree or disagree with those policies, the reality is much of what Obama passed in the last eight years is not where half of voting America sees the future.

But, Trump’s big promises that carried his campaign to victory will still need to pass Congress and go from election talk to legislation. No president can realistically destroy and rebuild the entire work of an eight year administration in four years with legitimate policy and the support of all branches.

Speaking to Trump supporters, it’s important to continue to be constructively critical of the government. Even if at this point it is your belief that this is the right direction for America, self check holds major importance as we continue with an inexperienced political figure. This is how we can maintain our democracy and keep our president in line, if all people watch carefully for misstep.

Speaking to Republicans who may have abstained from voting or voted for another candidate: you have the biggest job of all. It is your duty now to unite your party and other parties to reach a compromise suitable for the majority and the minority.

To Clinton supporters or other Democrats: don’t be bitter, angry or resentful and further divide our already divided nation. But more importantly, don’t give up, vote. We have seen great presidencies and we have seen poor ones, but it is this that makes our country strong. Rally together until you see a government that is fair in your eyes, but do it peacefully.

Lastly, to women, the LGBTQ community, racial minorities, people with disabilities and anyone who feels underrepresented or fearful of what may happen to them or their family: stay strong. This election is merely a continuation of a long fight regarding hate and discrimination against each other that started centuries before today and will likely go on for centuries after.

The U.S. is built on a foundation of sacrifice and courage strong enough to withhold anything threatens that, and it is our hope that every American will wake up tomorrow and every day after that with compassion. It is important to remember that we are not defined by the leader we select but rather what we do after that. So to everyone, we say be kind, respect others’ opinions and vote.