Schools needlessly waste paper products

Despite how much progress technology has made, we are still bound to using paper for assignments, homework and pretty much anything remotely academic. The World Institute reports that globally, more than 300 million tons of paper are consumed yearly, with Canada and the United States being the leading manufacturing countries.

According to the U.S  Environmental Protection Agency, printing and writing papers found in professional environments such as copier paper, computer printouts and notepads comprise the largest category of paper product manufacturing.The environmental impact of paper is significant for its changes in industry and behavior at both business and personal levels.

Modern technology presents items such as the printing press and the mechanized harvesting of wood, so disposable paper has essentially become a cheap commodity. Consequently, deforestation is the biggest effect from the use of paper. A devastating 42 percent of all global wood harvest is used to make paper. In addition, paper pollution is an effect that is very evident all around us. According to David Wees of The Reflective Educator, the average school currently uses approximately 360,000 pieces of paper per school year. Though it may be assumed the best alternative to paper production should be simply using technology for all school work, it is not suitable to say so because not everyone would have equal access to such technology at all times.

There is still a long way to go before decreasing dependence on this product. Rather, it is fitting to say that more focus should be placed on ways to reduce the paper waste and pollution, such as recycling all paper used at school. In addition, those who have access to technology should be taking advantage of them to store files or notes. The way that one uses and disposes of paper products heavily influences amount of waste produced, but small efforts like recycling and reusing paper are a valuable contribution towards resolving the environmental problems of today.