Wi-Fi fails to meet necessary internet standards

Wi-Fi is a service that many people can’t live without. They may use it for school work or just to go through Youtube when they’re bored, but everyone knows how hard it can be to do those things when the internet is slow or not even usable, which seems to be a recurring problem when it comes to the district’s Wi-Fi.

To gain access to the school’s Wi-Fi, a certain software has to be downloaded to allow for the device to connect. This software allows for users to connect to the Wi-Fi; however, because many cannot download the service, they are left behind and unable to connect. This problem happens predominantly with Apple devices.

Once connected to the Wi-Fi, many other problems appear , even with things like simple Google searches taking ages to load. Accessing Blackboard and using Google Docs is also affected by the poor Wi-Fi and make working harder than it should be. This is a big inconvenience because it makes getting simple necessities for academic work almost impossible. The slow connection even affects the teachers who use it to teach their class and complete the work they have as well.

The cause of this poor connection is most likely due to high traffic, with the sheer number of people who use the Wi-Fi daily. However, this doesn’t really excuse the fact that it can barely load a simple website.
The slow internet connection is a problem that many will have to deal with this school year. It is what’s been given to us and we need to use it accordingly until it changes, but this can be a simple fix on the county’s part. An upgrade of the connection would help immensely and would make everyone work more efficiently with a stronger internet connection. Until this problem gets solved, everyone will just have to live with it.