FCPS declares Steven Lockard as the Interim Superintendent following the resignation of Dr. Karen Garza, bringing a person who, according to their website, has worked to reduce the achievement gap among minority, special education and economically disadvantaged students.

“It’s good that he fought for minorities and he’d be a good superintendent especially as minority populations are growing,” sophomore Matei Constantinescu said.

According to the Washington Post, Garza generated controversy after a string of decisions in the winter of 2015, which resulted in FCPS staying open in conditions that some of the public considered unsuitable.

However, her resignation was not due to these controversies, but rather to take on the position as CEO of Battelle for Kids, a nonprofit group in Ohio.

Lockard served as the Deputy Superintendent under Garza, and prior to that he served as Deputy Superintendent for Frederick County Public Schools in Maryland.

In his tenure as Superintendent Lockard helped lead Frederick County to the highest school performance index rating in Mayland, first out of 24 in 2012.

Lockard’s resume consists of being a director, principal, assistant principal and teacher.

“His past experiences as a teacher will be beneficial to all students and teachers, in my opinion,” freshman Mayuk Sengupta said.

His experience with working directly in schools will yield him special insight in what policies actually work and what doesn’t, thus allowing for more productive decisions in the future.

For example, in 2013, when Lockard wrote a paper on the importance of having strong principals for the University of Maryland.

Additionally, his social media presence is stronger, as he has already obtained more followers on Twitter then Garza.

“His activeness on social media will help with news being easier to access,” sophomore Kenny Quach said.

Until FCPS selects a new permanent Superintendent next year, Lockard will hold the mantle.